Jul. 27th, 2014

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Remember Play It Again? Possibly not, because IT’S BEEN A YEAR, but look! Here is a side-story from that universe! It’s only short. Also, I realize the side-story people most want to see is Stiles’s 18th birthday, and I’ve written part of it, but…idk. Season 3 really threw me off there. I’ll regroup, though, and finish it some year. STICK WITH ME, KIDS.

But no, this is a Melissa and Isaac side-story. For the record, CPS is not always this bad, but they are always overworked and underpaid, and in a town with a murder rate like Beacon Hills? I mean, that’s a lot of orphans for a small population. It would probably be this bad. It’s this bad in most towns with high murder rates.

And on that note…ENJOY?

Teen Wolf doesn’t belong to me. Also, I’ve decided to pretend most of season 3 didn’t happen for purposes of this fic. Thank you to Zephy for betaing this for me! :D

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