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Here there is a neverending Teen Wolf fic which never ends. I’m a little embarrassed about how long it is. BUT THERE YOU HAVE IT. I’ll post it in three chapters—a chapter per week. (Also on AO3).

This is the sad story of how Stiles went along with one of Derek’s plans and ended up in an alternate universe thereby. He should’ve known better. He did know better, actually, and that means he has no one to blame but himself.

Teen Wolf doesn’t belong to me. There are other things that don’t belong to me this time, too, such as:

I borrowed the concept of a magical escape route that pulls you so far out of danger you end up in an entirely different universe from Survivah’s Where the Inevitable Isn’t. It’s an excellent fic, and the concept is so hilariously something that would happen to Stiles that I had to play with it. :) On top of that, I didn’t realize until I was rereading M_Leigh’s this boy, half-destroyed (also excellent) that I’ve basically incorporated Derek’s brother Patrick from that fic into my head-canon, so you’ll notice a suspiciously similar character in this.

*flees bearing good ideas, also your wallet*

Chapter I, part 1 )
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Like everyone else, I’m apparently writing Teen Wolf fic now. Like everyone else, I’m not really sure how this happened, but I tend to blame Stiles. :)

And this is a Stiles character study, so there you go. It’s multiple POV and set around “Night School.” Mostly because it will never stop being hilarious to me that Stiles punched Jackson viciously in the face and the only person who was remotely surprised was Allison. XD WHAT WERE YOU LIKE AS A CHILD, STILES?

Teen Wolf does not belong to me. I am not the right combination of awesome and ridiculous to have thought up this show. SADNESS.

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Book rec post! Because it occurs to me that I haven't done one in ages, and also a friend was recently asking me about serial killer books, which reminded me of book recommending in general. (After denying that I read many serial killer books, I examined my shelves and discovered that I actually read a shit-ton of them, which, slightly disturbing. To say nothing of the stacks of books on similar topics. I DON'T EVEN.)

So these are recs for books about forensic detection, and how to evade same. On the off-chance that that information might be useful to you one day.

The Poisoner's Handbook )

Murder 2: The Second Casebook of Forensic Detection )

Beat the Reaper )


Dec. 19th, 2012 10:41 pm
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HI THERE. Um, yes, I vanished from the internet for ahem mumble however many months because…


but I am back now, and I bring you Avengers fic! I am nothing if not full of random. This is mostly movie-based Avengers, but I’ve cherry-picked details from various canons because that appears to be what all the cool kids are doing, and I have always had a deep and abiding desire to be like the cool kids. Clearly.

While the past few months may have given the impression that I’ve been twiddling my thumbs doing nothing, or perhaps having a Real Life, I assure you neither of these things is true. I’ve just been starting dozens of incredibly obscure fics and then failing to finish them. (Possibly the most obscure is the Supernatural/Girl with the Dragon Tattoo crossover that I started because Lisbeth Salander as an angel would pwn Dean Winchester so hard that I actually needed to gaze at that in print. It is just as beautiful as I thought it would be. Maybe I’ll even finish that fic some year—I give it about even odds.)

Also! I have an AO3 account now, and am slowly moving all the fic over there, as well. I had no idea how much fic I’d written. It’s kind of ridiculous.

But back to the fic actually appearing in this post:

This is a day in the life of Bruce Banner, mild-mannered scientist, unlicensed doctor, and occasional green rage monster. He tries so hard to mind his own business and stay below the radar. He does try. There should probably be a cautionary proverb about the best laid plans and Tony Stark.

Spoilers for the movie, and nothing Avengers-related belongs to me. Thank you so much to Sae and Zephy for the beta! ♥

quotidian )
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Hallo. I HAVEN’T VANISHED FROM THE INTERNET, though I realize it kind of looks like that. I’ve even been writing all this time, believe it or not. Starting things and then starting new things and then starting other new things…

But look, I finished something! And maybe one day, I will even finish another thing, who knows? ffffff (I’m writing this Inception/Jorge Luis Borges crossover, you guys, it is THE MOST RIDICULOUS THING I’VE EVER WRITTEN, which is really, really saying something.)

This is a crossover with FMA characters in the DGM world, in which Ed and Al share Allen’s suffering in being Cross’s apprentices. This turned out unexpectedly challenging because Ed has no patience for the bullshit at all. He is worse than Kanda. Observe the following summarized life philosophies:

Allen: The world is terrible, I must try to fix it.
Kanda: The world is terrible but that's not my problem.
Ed: This sucks. If this shit keeps up, I’m blowing up a mountain.
Al: My brother is terrible, I must try to fix him. D:

Didn’t manage to fit Roy in, which is a shame and made my beta sad. But he’s out there! He’s a Black Order general and his team are all exorcists and they’re pretending to behave but are quietly plotting to overthrow the Black Order and the Noah and the Millennium Earl and then take over the world. Because that is how they roll.

Spoilers: for DGM, there are spoilers through Kanda backstory. FMA…there are mild spoilers through Hohenheim backstory, but I’m not sure you’d recognize them as spoilers if you hadn’t already read the series.

Thank you so much to Zephy for the beta! And during finals time, even! <3

what you make of it - part 1 )
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Post-Reichenbach fic about John, because clearly there wasn’t enough depressing post-Reichenbach fic around already. I SENSED A NEED.

idk, when something makes me cry, I feel an overwhelming urge to write a story that will make it even worse. It’s a sickness with me. Maybe I should have a ‘rubbing salt into the wound’ tag.

Spoilers through The Reichenbach Fall, and BBC Sherlock doesn’t belong to me.

Thank you to Zephy for the beta! Or maybe…sorry for making you beta this? BOTH, EITHER.

my life that you might live )

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So I've been watching Merlin because it's silly and happy and also tramples all over the Arthurian legend, with which I've always had massive issues and an unhealthy love/hate relationship. The bad news is, my brain just can't stand it when things make me happy. I keep staring at Merlin and thinking, "Kid, someone gives you one hard push, and you'll be so broken they'll never find all the pieces." And that makes it very hard for me not to push him.

The more I watch, the more I feel compelled to write fic in which Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic, has a fit of Daddy issues, and reacts badly, in response to which Merlin goes batshit insane. I've read fic in which Arthur reacts badly, but never fic in which Merlin sees Arthur's bad reaction and raises him a magical apocalypse. Why have I never seen that fic? Merlin's never been the most balanced of people, he's under unbelievable pressure, and he's obviously made Arthur the absolute center of his crazy little world. Also, he's the most powerful being alive. It's a complete recipe for disaster.

Say Arthur condemns Merlin to death, then takes a day or two to calm down and change his mind. By which time it's too late, because Merlin's escaped, though he hasn't gone far. It's his job to protect Arthur, and by God he will, whether Arthur likes it or not. Merlin starts stalking the halls of Camelot, invisible, and continues killing Arthur's enemies. Except now, he has no one to talk to about this. No one to talk to at all. He gradually gets shaky on what exactly constitutes an 'enemy'. It all goes very The Yellow Wallpaper meets Rebecca over the years, until eventually Merlin has killed absolutely everyone in Camelot except Arthur, who he's keeping locked up inside the castle because it's dangerous outside. But he still can't let Arthur see him! Because! Arthur doesn't want him, so Merlin has to help IN SECRET. So he just whispers insanely to Arthur while he's sleeping and steps in occasionally to keep him from killing himself.

This could be even worse if it started out funny. Invisible!Merlin adventures. Merlin accidentally crashing into things and dropping things at awkward moments. Humor and hope which would SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY BE CRUSHED.

I promise not to write it. JUST SAY NO TO THE IMP OF THE PERVERSE. Anyway, Gaius would have to be dead for any of this to work, and Gaius is my favorite, so I think we're safe.

Um, I just felt the need to officially promise somewhere that I'm not writing that. :D ? Sorry. It's preying on my mind.

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…In under the wire. IF I WERE WRITING the modern update of A Scandal in Bohemia, it would go like this. Clearly, the BBC version is not going to be like this at all, at all, and in a minute it will be badly jossed (moffated?). But hey, the trailers look AMAZING. *_*

So Irene Adler is canonically a New Jersey con artist, a fact which has gotten more hilarious with each year that’s passed since Conan Doyle first wrote it, and that begs to be taken advantage of. Also, someone needs to write the crossover fic in which Hawaii Five-0’s Danny and Irene Adler are cousins. Unless it’s already been written, in which case, please link me. :D

Thank you to Zephy for the high-speed beta! And BBC Sherlock does not belong to me.

everyone loves a scandal )
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Primo fic!

This is Giotto/G. I figure Giotto and G for being very like Tsuna and Gokudera if they’d grown up together and always had the security of knowing the other one was around. Which would probably make for more stable personalities, higher self-esteem…a disturbingly codependent relationship…

My futile attempts to impose logic on this series continue unabated, and so the fic is set around 1875. If you would like to know why, there’s an explanation in the reference notes. Because once again, there are reference notes. *hides*

Again, the notes shouldn’t be necessary to understand the fic—they’re just for people who must know more. The mid-1800s were really interesting, though. While there was a lot of talk of revolution in the 1960s, there was a lot of actual revolution in the 1860s. *_*

Spoilers through the end of the Inheritance Arc. KHR does not belong to me, it belongs to Amano, whom I doubt has spent much time freaking out about Risorgimento and the Meiji Restoration. MUST BE NICE.

Thank you so much to Zephy for the beta! :D

the balance of devotion )
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More BBC Sherlock fic. ^_^

So it cracks me up that the entire plot is pretty much Mike Stamford’s fault, and yet he manages to completely dodge the fallout. SIR, I SALUTE YOU.

Equally, it cracks me up that ACD Mike Stamford spent a lot of time making it clear to John that this, this living with Sherlock thing? WAS NOT HIS IDEA. Whereas modern Mike Stamford seems to find it all hilarious.

In conclusion: Mike Stamford fic, because I admire the man’s style. Spoilers just through A Study in Pink, and many thanks to Zephy for the beta.

ETA: Now with a Russian translation by jayazz. :D

beautiful ideas )
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…I know I said Primo fic next, BUT I LIED. Instead! There is Yamamoto fic. But who could be sad about that? Yamamoto is the happiest natural-born assassin in all of KHR!

This started out as a little fic about what the baseball team makes of Yamamoto, but then Reborn got hold of it and it spiraled out of control and became VERY FAMILY and also sort of 8059ish, so hey.

Spoilers through…eh, only Ch. 332 or so. KHR doesn’t belong to me, not even Hana, which, you know, I feel like she should.

for the love of the game )

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Here’s that BBC Sherlock fic.

It’s mainly a John and Sherlock character study, in which Sherlock combats boredom by, among other things, trying to goad John into attacking him. John is sadly resistant.

Spoilers for all three episodes, plus some random Sign of the Four references. (Good old Thaddeus Sholto and his super-stealthy redistribution of wealth. XD)

This one's for [personal profile] ravelqueen , who got me into this show by telling me all about its awesome points and never once mentioning the GLEEFULLY EVIL CLIFFHANGER. ^_^ And thank you to Zephy for the beta and general handholding.

BBC Sherlock doesn’t belong to me; I assume it belongs to the BBC. That said, their Sherlock does strongly remind me of my cousin, which will never stop being funny.

ETA: Now with a Russian translation by jayazz! :D

possibly we're fine )

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The story is this: I have a BBC Sherlock fic in beta, and after that I will maybe finally finish that Primo fic for KHR that I’ve been tinkering with since the beginning of the Inheritance Arc, no lie. ^_^;

Meanwhile, something short! If I continue to write more and more obscure fic for smaller and smaller fandoms, do you suppose this journal will eventually turn into a black hole? And if it does, does that mean it will consume cyberspace?


This is 07-Ghost fic. And not just any 07-Ghost fic! It is about Hakuren's dad, a man whose name we don't know and who has never once appeared in canon except in silhouette. I wrote this, clearly, because I can tell that the man has an enormous fan following and everyone was just dying to read about his INNERMOST THOUGHTS ON BARSBURG POLITICS.

You’re welcome.

Spoilers through Ch. 74. I do not own 07-Ghost, and make no money pretending that I do. Though I think Hakuren’s dad would disapprove of my failure, there.

survival of the fittest )

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Hana fic! Finally.

I’ve been meaning to write this for ages—TYL!Hana is just so lovable. “Here, Kyoko, let me save you from dangerous men and give you mysterious messages I don’t understand. By the way, what is with your incredibly shady lifestyle? And why do you suddenly look ten years younger? Never mind, don’t answer that, that’s not even the weirdest thing happening today. Here, have some underwear, try not to die. fml.”

The Future Arc must have changed Hana’s life a bit, as close as she is to the Sasagawas, but surely nothing can change the awesomeness. God, it has to be hideously stressful, being Kyoko’s best friend. o_O

Spoilers through the beginning of the Inheritance arc. KHR doesn’t belong to me.

if you can't beat em - part 1 )

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Hello! Hopefully I will soon finish this KHR fic I've been tinkering with...FOREVER. It's a Hana fic, and all I have to do is finish editing. *crosses fingers*

Meanwhile, people have posted a list of books all over lj, and I never could resist a list of books. XD

I hear this is an NPR survey for the top 100 Sci-fi/Fantasy books. Heh. I used to work in a bookstore, and it left me with a burning resentment of NPR, because customers would come in and say, "So I heard about this book on NPR, I didn't catch the title or the author, it's about a woman who has an identity crisis and then a spiritual experience and then she realizes she doesn't have to be dependent on other people...? It sounds beautiful."


NPR. SAY THE GODDAMN TITLE AND AUTHOR. SAY THEM OFTEN. *SCREAMS* Also, pop lit. Why so many iterations of the same three books? *headdesk*

Anyway. My rage at NPR is trumped by lists of books, clearly, so here goes.

shiny, shiny books )
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Right. So after all my whining about how there isn’t enough Hakuren fic in the 07-Ghost fandom, the first 07-Ghost fic I finish has…NO HAKUREN AT ALL.


This fic, then, is about Teito and Frau. They’re so interesting. Despite the age gap and the fact that Frau is nominally training Teito to be a priest, they have an amazingly balanced relationship. They should be mentor-student, but instead they’re BFFs. It’s awesome. Also, their low expectations of life charm me to pieces. ♥

This one is for isiteggs, who asked for 07-Ghost fic so long ago that I’m sure she NO LONGER EVEN REMEMBERS, but. Here it is. XD

Spoilers through Ch. 62 and for Speedster.

Thank you to Zephy for the beta! And 07-Ghost doesn’t belong to me.

ETA: Now with a Hungarian translation by aislinarchives. *_*

call it the grace of god )

mr nice guy

Jul. 9th, 2011 05:13 pm
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Short Durarara!! fic. AH HA HA WHY NOT. Can you tell I’m procrastinating? Because I’m procrastinating pretty hard. The random ficlets will continue until I no longer urgently need to be doing other things. XD

This takes place between volumes 3 and 4 of the light novels. I’m almost certain that Kida hasn’t really run away to Yokohama, but it would be…funny if he had? Funnier, certainly, than if he were still hanging around Ikebukuro doing such incredibly stupid things as working for Izaya, which is what I suspect he’s actually doing, but I’m only halfway through vol. 5 and therefore don’t know for sure.


Mostly, though, this fic is about Kadota. &HARTS. Poor guy. Why is he the only normal person he knows? XD

Spoilers through vol. 3. Durarara!! doesn’t belong to me, and, for the record, I don’t actually have anything against Yokohama. ^_^

mr nice guy )

ETA: Now with Kida art by shiroyue! :D


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