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Book rec post! Because it occurs to me that I haven't done one in ages, and also a friend was recently asking me about serial killer books, which reminded me of book recommending in general. (After denying that I read many serial killer books, I examined my shelves and discovered that I actually read a shit-ton of them, which, slightly disturbing. To say nothing of the stacks of books on similar topics. I DON'T EVEN.)

So these are recs for books about forensic detection, and how to evade same. On the off-chance that that information might be useful to you one day.

The Poisoner's Handbook )

Murder 2: The Second Casebook of Forensic Detection )

Beat the Reaper )

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So the overly ambitious KHR fic is, at long, long last, in beta. YAY. Now all I have to do is finish crazy!Ed, and then...well, then I'll instantly bog myself down in a million other projects, but at least they'll be DIFFERENT PROJECTS.

Meanwhile, book recs!

The Vorkosigan Saga )

The Dresden Files )

The Aubrey-Maturin series )
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Real life and I have nothing further to say to each other (this week, I swear to God, RL is fired), so now turning to literature!

These books are excellent in themselves, but they also force you to read other books after them. You know the type. You set them down and must immediately run to the bookstore and buy another book to see what all that was about. I love/hate those books, because, let me tell you, the last thing I need right now is MORE UNREAD BOOKS.

Ah, well. :D

To Say Nothing of the Dog )

Mishima's Sword )

Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World )

:D Happy Friday!

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Crazy! in beta. FINALLY. yay.

In totally unrelated news, I passed the JLPT (only 3, but even so) and don't really know what to do with myself. Run in circles, perhaps. Rec manga. Bother everyone who has the misfortune to know me with my uncontrollable glee. That kind of thing. :D :D :D


Replica )

07-Ghost )

Switch )

There's a definite theme to these recs, I notice. They're all stories about teams, and teams in which the cute partner is crazy. Huh.

Enjoy! :D


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