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SO THERE WAS THIS ROUND OF BLIND GO, it was only a mini-round, but fun! ...For me. XD And the reveals are up!

Mine was The Trouble with Tournaments, lol, dialogue fic.

It was a flashfic (speed go!) round, all dialogue or no dialogue, and, idk, I'm torn on those. They're a lot of fun to write for. But then, you know, flashfic. How fun is it to read, really? They are never LONG ENOUGH. Th-thoughts?

THAT SAID, I really enjoyed a couple. Actually, I enjoyed a lot of them, but the rest made me want to tear my hair out with the overwhelming AND THEN WHAT HAPPENED??? feelings, so I'm only going to list a couple. XD

~music~ by tuuli_chan
overheard in the key of green by trixie_chick

Hikaru no Go, sigh. How is that series SO HAPPY?


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