Dec. 19th, 2012 10:41 pm
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HI THERE. Um, yes, I vanished from the internet for ahem mumble however many months because…


but I am back now, and I bring you Avengers fic! I am nothing if not full of random. This is mostly movie-based Avengers, but I’ve cherry-picked details from various canons because that appears to be what all the cool kids are doing, and I have always had a deep and abiding desire to be like the cool kids. Clearly.

While the past few months may have given the impression that I’ve been twiddling my thumbs doing nothing, or perhaps having a Real Life, I assure you neither of these things is true. I’ve just been starting dozens of incredibly obscure fics and then failing to finish them. (Possibly the most obscure is the Supernatural/Girl with the Dragon Tattoo crossover that I started because Lisbeth Salander as an angel would pwn Dean Winchester so hard that I actually needed to gaze at that in print. It is just as beautiful as I thought it would be. Maybe I’ll even finish that fic some year—I give it about even odds.)

Also! I have an AO3 account now, and am slowly moving all the fic over there, as well. I had no idea how much fic I’d written. It’s kind of ridiculous.

But back to the fic actually appearing in this post:

This is a day in the life of Bruce Banner, mild-mannered scientist, unlicensed doctor, and occasional green rage monster. He tries so hard to mind his own business and stay below the radar. He does try. There should probably be a cautionary proverb about the best laid plans and Tony Stark.

Spoilers for the movie, and nothing Avengers-related belongs to me. Thank you so much to Sae and Zephy for the beta! ♥

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