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Primo fic!

This is Giotto/G. I figure Giotto and G for being very like Tsuna and Gokudera if they’d grown up together and always had the security of knowing the other one was around. Which would probably make for more stable personalities, higher self-esteem…a disturbingly codependent relationship…

My futile attempts to impose logic on this series continue unabated, and so the fic is set around 1875. If you would like to know why, there’s an explanation in the reference notes. Because once again, there are reference notes. *hides*

Again, the notes shouldn’t be necessary to understand the fic—they’re just for people who must know more. The mid-1800s were really interesting, though. While there was a lot of talk of revolution in the 1960s, there was a lot of actual revolution in the 1860s. *_*

Spoilers through the end of the Inheritance Arc. KHR does not belong to me, it belongs to Amano, whom I doubt has spent much time freaking out about Risorgimento and the Meiji Restoration. MUST BE NICE.

Thank you so much to Zephy for the beta! :D

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…I know I said Primo fic next, BUT I LIED. Instead! There is Yamamoto fic. But who could be sad about that? Yamamoto is the happiest natural-born assassin in all of KHR!

This started out as a little fic about what the baseball team makes of Yamamoto, but then Reborn got hold of it and it spiraled out of control and became VERY FAMILY and also sort of 8059ish, so hey.

Spoilers through…eh, only Ch. 332 or so. KHR doesn’t belong to me, not even Hana, which, you know, I feel like she should.

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Hana fic! Finally.

I’ve been meaning to write this for ages—TYL!Hana is just so lovable. “Here, Kyoko, let me save you from dangerous men and give you mysterious messages I don’t understand. By the way, what is with your incredibly shady lifestyle? And why do you suddenly look ten years younger? Never mind, don’t answer that, that’s not even the weirdest thing happening today. Here, have some underwear, try not to die. fml.”

The Future Arc must have changed Hana’s life a bit, as close as she is to the Sasagawas, but surely nothing can change the awesomeness. God, it has to be hideously stressful, being Kyoko’s best friend. o_O

Spoilers through the beginning of the Inheritance arc. KHR doesn’t belong to me.

if you can't beat em - part 1 )

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They tell me the rapture is upon us. I think that makes it a good time to post this fic. XD

What happened was, this whole thing with Iemitsu got me wondering what kind of parents the tenth generation kids would be. I'm guessing:

Tsuna—would be an awesome parent. Arguably, he already is an awesome parent.
Yamamoto—might be an awesome parent. Although depending on the personalities of his kids, that thing he does where one minute he’s a goofy jock and the next minute he’s a natural-born assassin might be a problem. Then again, it doesn’t seem to bother him about his own dad, so who knows?
Hibari—might actually raise happy children. Stone-cold psychos, of course, but happy ones. Just look at his pets.
Ryouhei—would be a wonderful if horrifyingly embarrassing dad, but too bad for him, he’s totally going to marry Hana who hates children.
Haru—could be okay? Then again, she could be awful. I’m torn.
Lambo—will probably end up with a flock of illegitimate kids, half of whom don’t even know his name. Tsuna will cry forever.
Chrome—yikes. I think the pressure would break her. Very possibly Iemitsu-style absentee.
Gokudera—let’s not even go there. Capslock disaster.
Mukuro—likewise, only more.

In view of all that, I chose to go with Hibari/Chrome for kidfic. Because I am amused by a lot of strange things.

Spoilers through 320 or so. I don’t own KHR. Not at all, coach. …*closes eyes and hits post*

close to home )
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The funny thing about this one is that I actually outlined it, which never happens. Never in life. And yet I worry that the structure only makes sense inside my crazy head.

…It should be a decent read regardless. *crosses fingers*

So! This is a series of vignettes about Tsuna, his guardians, and the people closest to him—snapshots of the impact they all have on each other (and that life has on them) over ten years.

Or you could just call it a shameless ode to Tsuna. That wouldn’t be out of line. XD

Spoilers through, say, 329, and KHR doesn’t belong to me. As usual…

countdown - part 1 )

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further, vaguely spoilery thoughts on that subject )

Um…yes. So, uh. THAT SAID, now for something completely different. Here I will put stars in order to indicate complete differentness:

* * *

Right. Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Iemitsu fic!

So I find it really interesting that Tsuna, a person famed for his insightfulness, could have the following two conversations:

Enma: I am absolutely sure that Vongola Primo was a murderous bastard.
Tsuna: Um, no, this is all a big misunderstanding.

Enma: I am absolutely sure that Sawada Iemitsu is a murderous bastard.

Even Reborn made a o_O face. Tsuna. That is amazingly little faith you’ve got going there. WHY, MY FRIEND? ???

Aaaaand this fic is about how that came to be. I’m on a total misadventures in parenting kick right now. Possibly because some of my friends are threatening to have children. Hahahaha DISASTER.

Spoilers through 319. I don’t own KHR. Too bad.

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Dec. 13th, 2010 08:52 pm
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...nnnnot really sure how this turned out. It's just a quick reaction to KHR 318. Another one of those, "Gosh I wish canon would turn out this way BUT I KNOW IT WON'T" kind of things.

For [personal profile] branchandroot ! In the hope that you will like it better than 318. See how I set these lofty goals for myself. :D

So yes. Spoilers through 318. KHR certainly doesn't belong to me. Haha.

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Nov. 2nd, 2010 10:25 pm
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Based on this theory/hope I have that every single fight in this arc is going to end in a draw. Every. Single. One. Then everyone will be snapped up by the Vindice, and ultimately it will all be down to Yamamoto. Who can't walk.

It should be crack, and yet somehow it turned out largely depressing. Well done, Yamamoto.

...Spoilers through ch. 312, and KHR doesn't belong to me. You may take comfort from that fact that when it comes to Reborn, my predictions are always wrong. Always. Without exception. :D

purpose )
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! canon + the little I know about actual organized crime in Italy = disaster. I think we can all agree, disaster.


Basically, I got very taken with the idea that the fallout from the Future Arc caused…well…reality. That the mafia as it really exists is Tsuna’s fault. This was a bad thought, both for Tsuna and for me.

KHR doesn’t belong to me, but I did play pretty fast and loose with its timeline.

Most of what I know about crime in Italy I learned from Roberto Saviano, that deranged man. The quotes in italics are all from his book Gomorrah. I really should have thrown in some Machiavelli too, for the lulz, but ran out of energy and will.

Haha, I can’t believe I wrote this. Or perhaps I should say, attempted to write this. o_O So many thanks to Zephy for above and beyond betaing. *bows down*

There are reference notes at the end. I know. You shouldn’t actually need them, though. They are there in case of random curiosity.

what we fought for - part 1 )


Mar. 18th, 2010 10:47 pm
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KHR fic, again. :) This one is about Tsuna's ongoing, sort of unwilling attempts to be everything to everyone.

That kid. I don't even know if I'm proud of him or incredibly sad for him. Well. Why stop with one when you can have both? o_O

Spoilers through 281...and a little 282.

KHR does not belong to me.

ETA: Now with a Russian translation by miroveha. :D

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Voting for the UFO Awards is going on right now if you would like to vote! Welcome Home and Hard Living got nominated, so thank you! Whoever nominated them. ^_^

The nominations are kind of like a rec list, which is useful. Well done for existing, UFO Awards.

Meanwhile, on an unrelated note, this is that Hibari fic of which I spoke. Solidarity, Hibari. I also used to beat kids up for misbehaving in class.

Um, yeah...

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! does not belong to me. JUST AS WELL, PERHAPS.

the dead and the forsworn )
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...Katekyo Hitman Reborn! fic. OF ALL RANDOM THINGS.

This fic is evidence of at least four broken New Year's resolutions, and hey, it's not even the end of January. Rock.

One of those resolutions was "Don't start any new fic before finishing the next part of crazy!Ed." You see how that didn't work. I am so, so close to the end of the next part of crazy!Ed. So close. And yet so far away, apparently.


This is a Yamamoto and Gokudera fic. They're so amazingly weird that I have to love them. This is true of many KHR characters, actually.

Someday I will totally write a Hibari fic. I tell myself I won't, but really, it's inevitable. Thank God I didn't make a resolution about it.

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