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And I hope to God you guys like it. The first part's maybe kind of slow. I mean, I tried to fix that, but...*bites nails* ANYWAY.

To the usual suspects!

Eiliem: I BLAME YOU. And possibly thank you, too. :D
Zephy: YOU'RE AWESOME, I don't know how you put up with all my screaming and running in circles. ^_^

I don't own FMA. Indeed, this is probably the kind of fic that makes Arakawa cry. (Sorry, Arakawa).

I. In Defiance of Reason
II. Justifying the Means
III. Theory and Practice

IV. Spin )
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Crazy!Ed! Once again, absurdly long. o_O

As always, thanks to zephy for the beta, and thanks (?) to eiliem for the idea. :D

One more part after this, and it will be Ed POV because I like to play these little games with my sanity.

FMA does not belong to me, I just borrowed it and then broke it.

Part I: In Defiance of Reason
Part II: Justifying the Means

Part III: Theory and Practice )


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