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HELLO, I AM BACK. Yes, I know. At this rate, we’re all going to die of old age before I even make it through my backlogged WIPs. fffffffffffffffffffffff

But on a happier note, Haikyuu!! WHO DOESN’T LOVE HAIKYUU? HAIKYUU IS GREAT.

This was originally supposed to be a Sugawara character study, but then Hinata happened and things got completely weird and out of control and Sugawara/Sawamura/Michimiya and I can’t explain why. Then again, ‘Hinata happened and things got out of control’ is basically the entire plot of Haikyuu, so I can’t bring myself to feel too bad about it. :)

Haikyuu does not belong to me. Tragically.

Also on AO3.

This Is for Your Own Good )
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This is a Dresden Files/Fullmetal Alchemist crossover I've been working on since...well, since Small Favor and Chapter 100 of FMA were current. I've chosen not to examine just how long ago that was.

But here it is! IT EXISTS.

Neither FMA nor the Dresden Files belong to me.

No one is ever prepared for Edward Elric.

Accidents Happen )
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The last chapter, in which Ichigo decides he's been holding back too much, and stops doing that.

Obviously, there are explosions.

Bleach and Harry Potter do not belong to me. SADNESS.

Chapter 3, part 1 )
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Chapter 2 of the Bleach/Harry Potter crossover fic, in which the trio persuades Ichigo to help them out with the DA and they immediately, bitterly regret it.

Bleach and Harry Potter don't belong to me.

Chapter 2, part 1 )
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So I’ve decided to quit with the starting 800 fics and never finishing any of them thing I’ve had going on for the last year and change, and actually clear out some of my WIPs. Because the number of WIPs is ridiculous, you don’t even know. That Stiles birthday fic is on the list, too, so never fear. I’ll get to it. Eventually. When we’re all old and grey. DON’T HATE ME BECAUSE I’M USELESS.

This is a Bleach/Harry Potter crossover fic, because…well, because there are a surprising number of them out there, and none of them seem to address the fact that sending Ichigo to Hogwarts is basically the same as swinging a wrecking ball directly into the side of the castle.

So here is an entire fic about that.

It’s slightly AU for recent Bleach to make things fit better, but only slightly.

Neither Bleach nor Harry Potter belong to me. You can tell because if Bleach belonged to me, Aizen would’ve died like 200 chapters ago.

This is also on AO3. I'll post a chapter a week.

there may be some collateral damage )
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Remember Play It Again? Possibly not, because IT’S BEEN A YEAR, but look! Here is a side-story from that universe! It’s only short. Also, I realize the side-story people most want to see is Stiles’s 18th birthday, and I’ve written part of it, but…idk. Season 3 really threw me off there. I’ll regroup, though, and finish it some year. STICK WITH ME, KIDS.

But no, this is a Melissa and Isaac side-story. For the record, CPS is not always this bad, but they are always overworked and underpaid, and in a town with a murder rate like Beacon Hills? I mean, that’s a lot of orphans for a small population. It would probably be this bad. It’s this bad in most towns with high murder rates.

And on that note…ENJOY?

Teen Wolf doesn’t belong to me. Also, I’ve decided to pretend most of season 3 didn’t happen for purposes of this fic. Thank you to Zephy for betaing this for me! :D

play it again )

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Here’s the last chapter of the Stiles fic. :) Although I considered it to be neverending, everyone’s now complaining that it’s too short, so that just goes to show what I know.

In this chapter, lots of people discover things about Stiles, and this irritates him and traumatizes them. He did warn them not to ask him questions.

Teen Wolf continues not to belong to me. I continue to be sad about this.

Oh, and I finally broke down and got a tumblr. Yeah, I question my life choices also. :)

Chapter III, part 1 )
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Chapter 2 of the neverending Teen Wolf fic which never ends! (Actually it ends with Chapter 3, but you know what I mean.)

In this chapter, the Argents appear and Stiles is unable to resist poking at them with a stick. Not that he tries particularly hard. Not that he ever tries particularly hard to resist bad ideas. Bless.

Teen Wolf still doesn’t belong to me. In fact, I have gained no property, intellectual or otherwise, since the last time I posted. Is that true? I think that’s true.

Chapter II, part 1 )


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