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*waves* ^_^

So I will be internetless from Oct 1-10, but I'll catch up with any comments when I get back. And I'll probably post crazy!Ed shortly after getting back, too. :D

In the meantime, there is DOGS fic?

I was trying to think up a best case scenario for DOGS (haha, yeeeaaah), and decided that even in the unlikely event that Dave turns out to be alive, it will still be a disaster.

Hence the fic. Oh, Dave.

DOGS does not belong to me.

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So I'm very nearly finished with a short DGM fic and a whole slew of Fullmetal fic. Until then, there's more DOGS fic.

Someday I'll write a fic for that fandom that's more about action and less about characters sitting around and brooding.


Heine, sitting around and brooding. I guess this is vaguely Heine/Badou. Vaguely.

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