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Oh, Mochizuki Jun, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

For one thing, she trolled the hell out of all of us with Holy Knight. I'm...impressed, actually. o_O

This fic is Oz's reaction to ch. 60, which is to say it's a total rubbing salt into the wound kind of fic. At least it's short?

Spoilers through 60, and Pandora Hearts doesn't belong to me. I LIKE TO THINK I'M NOT THAT EVIL.

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This Iemitsu fic I've been working on for ages should be done in a couple of days, maybe? *glee* :D

In the meantime, there is, ah ha, more Pandora Hearts fic. o_O Yeesh.

This is a day in the life of Echo, whose life is of course a misery. Still. I love Echo. She handles her shitty life so well, considering.

Fic has dubious consent issues...although no more than implied by canon. I found it creepy as hell in canon. *shares this feeling*

Spoilers through Ch. 47! Pandora Hearts doesn't belong to me.

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PANDORA HEARTS 57 OH MY GOD. This series. What the hell. :D :D :D *twirls* Haha, I love that I never have the faintest idea what's going on. XD

This fic! Has nothing to do with Ch. 57. ;_; I think it only has spoilers through 55 or so. It's the sequel to Steady Now, but can stand alone. Probably.

It's based on the idea that Ada is, after all, Oz's sister. So it makes no sense for Oz to be all crazy while Ada is normal, am I right? Plus, no one is normal in this series. They only pretend to be so as to shock you more dramatically later on. :D

I don't own Pandora Hearts. Thanks to Zephy for the beta! ♥

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Pandora Hearts fic. Ffff at this point it probably counts as a Pandora Hearts problem. XD

This one is about Leo and Elliot. On the cute/messed-up scale, they are slightly nearer the cute end than Gil and Oz. Bless. Although I’m still unclear on where exactly Leo stands with regard to this whole Humpty Dumpty thing, and so they may be a lot more messed up than they seem. But it wouldn’t be Leo’s fault, so whatever. WHATEVER.

Of course the fic is not remotely holiday-themed. That would make sense or something, and therefore we can’t be having with that. Man, even the coffee shop guy who always plays songs about blood and revolution was playing instrumental, subtly Christmasy music this week. It was creepy.

Vague spoilers through Ch. 56. Heheh. *twirls ch. 56* :D

Pandora Hearts doesn’t belong to me. The cool kids never share their toys. Eheu.

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steady now

Dec. 6th, 2010 09:41 pm
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Weird things happen during times of academic stress. WEIRD THINGS LIKE THIS FIC. (Thanks, JLPT. You remind me why I hated school.) Anyway, thank God that's over. HI INTERNETS, I MISSED YOU.

So, yes. MOAR PANDORA HEARTS. I promise I remember there are other fandoms out there. I'm even working on fic for, like...*counts*...five of them. Haha. Yeek. *runs in tiny circles*

Anyway, this is Oz/Gil. There's an actual sex scene, I am shocked at myself. But you can still tell I wrote it, because it's mostly about Oz being crazy. There will be a companion fic to this one, which will be totally gen and mostly about Ada. And Oz being crazy.

Oh Gil and Oz. I love the way their relationship is, on the one hand, unspeakably messed up. And on the other hand, ridiculously adorable. These things at the same time. What. XD

I don't own Pandora Hearts, which is the pity of the world. Spoilers through 55. Thank you to Zephy for the beta! <3

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Break fic for azalee_calypso! :D

I'm betting that Break spends a lot of time babbling to himself inside his own head. He seems like that kind of guy. But it is starting to annoy me that people canonically die on him all the time. What's that about? What, he's not tormented enough? Shall we stick needles in his one remaining eye, too? WHYYYYYY? This is like Hoshino and Kanda all over again.

Okay, it isn't that bad. And it doesn't even touch on CLAMP and Subaru. But still, man, authors are mean.

Pandora Hearts doesn't belong to me. You can tell, because I would have stopped picking on Break ages ago. :)

Spoilers through ch. 54. If it turns out that 55 jossed this whole thing, I am going to be sad.

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More Pandora Hearts. Because ALICE IS MY SUNSHINE.

...Yes. A tiny, mean girl/giant, homicidal rabbit is my sunshine. WHAT. :D

Alices with memories + Jack, Alice without memories + Oz. And Gil, obviously. Well, obviously.

Pandora Hearts doesn't belong to me! Spoilers through ch. 49.

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*screams and runs in circles*

I was starting to lose faith that this was ever going to happen, OH MY GOD.

Now, that said, my poor beta may require some time with this one. What with the working two jobs and also the fact that the fic is over 100 pages long. Like 40,000 words.

*stares at that number for a while*


In the meantime, I'll post one or two things from completely random series that I wrote when I should have been writing crazy!Ed. XD First! Pandora Hearts fic. I freaking adore this series, I don't know why it doesn't have more fic. This and 07-Ghost. Why isn't there more fic? ???

This one's about Oz. Who sometimes resembles crazy!Ed more closely than he might wish. (Back awayyyy from the scythe, Oz. You know it belongs to Alice.)

Pandora Hearts does not belong to me. Spoilers through...em...chapter 41, to be safe.

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