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Hallo. I HAVEN’T VANISHED FROM THE INTERNET, though I realize it kind of looks like that. I’ve even been writing all this time, believe it or not. Starting things and then starting new things and then starting other new things…

But look, I finished something! And maybe one day, I will even finish another thing, who knows? ffffff (I’m writing this Inception/Jorge Luis Borges crossover, you guys, it is THE MOST RIDICULOUS THING I’VE EVER WRITTEN, which is really, really saying something.)

This is a crossover with FMA characters in the DGM world, in which Ed and Al share Allen’s suffering in being Cross’s apprentices. This turned out unexpectedly challenging because Ed has no patience for the bullshit at all. He is worse than Kanda. Observe the following summarized life philosophies:

Allen: The world is terrible, I must try to fix it.
Kanda: The world is terrible but that's not my problem.
Ed: This sucks. If this shit keeps up, I’m blowing up a mountain.
Al: My brother is terrible, I must try to fix him. D:

Didn’t manage to fit Roy in, which is a shame and made my beta sad. But he’s out there! He’s a Black Order general and his team are all exorcists and they’re pretending to behave but are quietly plotting to overthrow the Black Order and the Noah and the Millennium Earl and then take over the world. Because that is how they roll.

Spoilers: for DGM, there are spoilers through Kanda backstory. FMA…there are mild spoilers through Hohenheim backstory, but I’m not sure you’d recognize them as spoilers if you hadn’t already read the series.

Thank you so much to Zephy for the beta! And during finals time, even! <3

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Japan links:
Donation info
For people in Japan, protecting yourself from radiation

On a less horrible note! This is one of the promised FMA/DGM crossovers—some DGM characters flung randomly into FMA-verse. *eyes fic dubiously*

So the world of Fullmetal Alchemist is pretty sane, balanced, and logical. Sure, things are bad sometimes, things are complicated sometimes, but they make sense. And are usually, I don’t know, indefinably wholesome.

DGM, meanwhile, is such a sick, twisted, chaotic crazy-factory that there are no words.

Fitting them together: fun times. Also, Ed and Allen in the same room, BEST THING EVER. XD

Neither DGM nor FMA belongs to me. Nothing belongs to me. I am mangaless.

Thank you so much to Zephy for the beta! <3

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Here there is ridiculous DGM fic about shaving people bald.

DGM belongs to Hoshino, and not to me. I defy her by writing something happy. *defies!!!*

Thank you to Zephy for the beta! :D

This one's for [personal profile] questofdreams  (in case you're online and in need of distraction).


ETA: Now with a Russian translation by jayazz! :D

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My brain is currently being eaten alive by overly ambitious KHR fic and the end of the crazy!Ed. LE SIGH. But here, so that you know I still live, there is D.Gray-Man fic.

The ever-intriguing question of why Allen and Kanda fail so spectacularly at getting along just got a little more intriguing. They really seem to be standing on opposite sides of the same problem screaming You are doing it wrong at each other across the gap.

They’re cute in their fail. :D

Spoilers through Kanda backstory. DGM does not belong to me. It belongs to Hoshino instead, a more evil woman by far.

Thank you to Zephy for the beta! ^_^

Italian translation by youffie_17
Russian translation by jayazz

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Dec. 19th, 2009 10:28 pm
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This is the short DGM fic. It's a Bak and Fo fic, and I've been meaning to write it for...a very long time.

Thanks to Zephy for the beta!

DGM does not belong to me. It never does. Woe.

ETA: Now with a Russian translation by jayazz! ♥

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