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Once upon a time a long time ago, I had a cunning plan to write a short story for each of the Fullmetal sins, and then to post them all together.

Sad fact: some of these sins are just not happening. For example, it is really, really hard to write something for Sloth that isn’t the most boring thing in print since those early 1900s shipping lists re: Manchurian pig iron which I no longer remember my reasons for reading. No one likes lists re: Manchurian pig iron. Or at least, those people are few and far between.

IN CONCLUSION, I give up: I’ll just post these as I finish them, and in the unlikely event that I ever actually finish them all, I’ll make a master list.

This one is Lust, and I’m pleased with how disturbing it turned out. :D Thanks to Zephy for betaing this for me, ehm, LAST YEAR SOMETIME.

Fullmetal Alchemist does not belong to me. Spoilers through Ch. 38 or so.

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