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The story is this: I have a BBC Sherlock fic in beta, and after that I will maybe finally finish that Primo fic for KHR that I’ve been tinkering with since the beginning of the Inheritance Arc, no lie. ^_^;

Meanwhile, something short! If I continue to write more and more obscure fic for smaller and smaller fandoms, do you suppose this journal will eventually turn into a black hole? And if it does, does that mean it will consume cyberspace?


This is 07-Ghost fic. And not just any 07-Ghost fic! It is about Hakuren's dad, a man whose name we don't know and who has never once appeared in canon except in silhouette. I wrote this, clearly, because I can tell that the man has an enormous fan following and everyone was just dying to read about his INNERMOST THOUGHTS ON BARSBURG POLITICS.

You’re welcome.

Spoilers through Ch. 74. I do not own 07-Ghost, and make no money pretending that I do. Though I think Hakuren’s dad would disapprove of my failure, there.

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Right. So after all my whining about how there isn’t enough Hakuren fic in the 07-Ghost fandom, the first 07-Ghost fic I finish has…NO HAKUREN AT ALL.


This fic, then, is about Teito and Frau. They’re so interesting. Despite the age gap and the fact that Frau is nominally training Teito to be a priest, they have an amazingly balanced relationship. They should be mentor-student, but instead they’re BFFs. It’s awesome. Also, their low expectations of life charm me to pieces. ♥

This one is for isiteggs, who asked for 07-Ghost fic so long ago that I’m sure she NO LONGER EVEN REMEMBERS, but. Here it is. XD

Spoilers through Ch. 62 and for Speedster.

Thank you to Zephy for the beta! And 07-Ghost doesn’t belong to me.

ETA: Now with a Hungarian translation by aislinarchives. *_*

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Crazy! in beta. FINALLY. yay.

In totally unrelated news, I passed the JLPT (only 3, but even so) and don't really know what to do with myself. Run in circles, perhaps. Rec manga. Bother everyone who has the misfortune to know me with my uncontrollable glee. That kind of thing. :D :D :D


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There's a definite theme to these recs, I notice. They're all stories about teams, and teams in which the cute partner is crazy. Huh.

Enjoy! :D


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