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It's chronological except for when it's alphabetical.


Call It the Grace of God (Frau, Teito)

Survival of the Fittest (Hakuren's dad/Barsburg politics)

Nevezd Isten kegyelmének (Call It the Grace of God in Hungarian, translation by aislinarchives)


Quotidian (Bruce)


Sunflower (xxxHolic; Himawari)

Wishes Granted (X; hobo!Fuuma)

short stuff (X, xxxHolic)


Getting Things Done (Fullmetal Alchemist/D.Gray-Man)

What You Make of It (D.Gray-Man/Fullmetal Alchemist; Elrics as Cross's apprentices, too)

There May Be Some Collateral Damage (Bleach/Harry Potter; Ichigo as Harry Potter's bodyguard)

Accidents Happen (Dresden Files/Fullmetal Alchemist)


Circus Verse
Moving Forward
The Show Must Go On - Art by cozyfire
Dancing Lessons
short stuff

Dream to Forget (Allen)

Mask and Mirror (Lavi)

The Gatekeeper (Road)

Sand Castle (Cross and Allen)

Some Confusion (exorcists set loose on normal people)

Welcome Home (Reever, Science Department)

Good Behavior (Allen/Kanda)

Learning the Hard Way (Finders)

Hard Living (Allen/Kanda)

Old Guard (Fo, Bak)

Growing Up by Accident (Allen, Kanda)

Unintended Consequences (Lenalee, Allen/Kanda-ish) - Art by a1y-puff

Maschera e Specchio (Mask and Mirror in Italian, translation by youffie_17)
Crescere per caso (Growing Up by Accident in Italian, translation by youffie_17)
Welcome Home (in Italian, translation by youffie_17)
Un po’ di confusione (Some Confusion in Italian, translation by youffie_17)
Imparare a propie spece (Learning the Hard Way in Italian, translation by youffie_17)
Случайное взросление (Growing Up by Accident in Russian, translation by jayazz)
Непредвиденные последствия (Unintended Consequences in Russian, translation by jayazz)
Старая гвардия (Old Guard in Russian, translation by jayazz)
Только вперёд (Moving Forward in Russian, translation by jayazz)

Hard Living read by rhea314
Good Behavior read by rhea314

DOGS: Bullets & Carnage

Down Time (Badou)

Blank Slate (Nill)

Walking the Beat (Doug, Nails brothers)

Mephistopheles (Heine, Badou)

Behind the Times (Nails brothers)


Mr. Nice Guy (Kadota) - Art by shiroyue

Fullmetal Alchemist

short stuff (FMA & Hero Tales)

Rest for the Wicked (post-series)

Cause for Concern (Havoc, little Elrics)

Chaos Verse
Defying Murphy's Law (Ed/Roy)
Dining In (Ed/Roy)
Experimental Engineering (Winry/Havoc)
Family Business (Ed/Roy, Madame Christmas)
Cradle Robbing (Rebecca, Al/Riza)

Crazy!Ed AU
I. In Defiance of Reason
II. Justifying the Means
III. Theory and Practice
IV. Spin

It's a Party (Hawkeye, Ed)

Responsible Adults (post-108)

Blood and Silk (Lust)

Chaos Verse read by opalsong


This Is for Your Own Good (Sugawara/Sawamura/Michimiya)

Harry Potter

Refraction (H/D)

Hikaru no Go

Echoes (Mitsuko)

All the Pieces (Waya)

The Trouble with Tournaments (flashfic)


Mirror Image (Arthur, Mal, Eames; Arthur/Eames)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Relative Reality (Gokudera, Yamamoto)

The Dead and the Forsworn (Hibari)

Tsunahiki (Tsuna, Reborn)

What We Fought For (real!mafia AU)

Purpose (Yamamoto)

Mist (Chrome)

On the Outside (Iemitsu)

Countdown (Tsuna, guardians)

Close to Home (Hibari/Chrome, children, disasters waiting to happen) - Art by orangebuttons

If You Can't Beat 'Em (Hana)

For the Love of the Game (Yamamoto, 8059ish)

The Balance of Devotion (Giotto/G)

Tsunahiki (in Russian, translation by miroveha)


Leaving Well Enough Alone (the concerned classmate attack)

Pandora Hearts

The Devil May Care (Oz)

The Value of Experience (Alice)

Maintaining Perspective (Break)

Steady Now (Oz/Gil)
A Guide to Raising Perfect Children (Ada, Oz)

The Lord's Duty (Leo, Elliot)

Life on Loan (Echo)

The Wrong Story (Oz, post-60)

Sherlock BBC

Possibly We're Fine (John, Sherlock)

Beautiful Ideas (Mike Stamford)

Everyone Loves a Scandal (Irene Adler)

My Life That You Might Live (John, post-Reichenbach)

Кое-что о прекрасных идеях (Beautiful Ideas in Russian, translation by jayazz)
Возможно, мы в порядке (Possibly We're Fine in Russian, translation by jayazz)

Soul Eater

One Damn Thing after Another (Soul/Maka)

Teen Wolf

The Whole Truth (So Help Me God) (Stiles)

Play It Again (Stiles/Derek-ish; Stiles & everyone)
This Doesn't Hurt (Melissa, Isaac)


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